Archive relocation for geriatric centers and hospitals

Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund (Vienna health institution group) is as a communal enterprise of Vienna and an organizational merger of all municipal hospitals, nursing homes and training centers for nursing staff.

KAV Archivübersiedlung

The project`s main goal comprized planning, project management and the first phase of relocation management of all documents archives from existing locations in Vienna and surrounding area into  the central archive provided by the customer. In addition, the planning and implementation of a warehouse access system was also conducted.
The archive structure at the sources and target location were gathered and identified regarding the existing warehouse shelves. The detailed gathering of the archive goods for each shelf was based on a survey designed by the logistics planner. After implementation of those measures, a detailed evaluation of the survey was implemented. The logistical relocation procedures were adapted to the specific basic conditiosn of the sources and target locations. In case of the archive planning, the systematization of requirements of the external archive access as well as the examination other requirements were fulfilled. Afterwards the warehouse systematic as well as the archive occupancy and capacity planning were initiated.
Based on determination of the archive goods for each shelf and the transport message lists of responsible persons, a detailed relocation list was established. Therefore a detailed source target matrix for each archive was made.
The tendering procedure of the transport services were prepared and performed until the award of the tender to the preferreed bidder.
The performance monitoring of the transports was implemented by a team of logistics planers on-site. A site-specific adaption of the proven procedure for controlling the punctuality, the completeness and nondisturbance of the transports from the existing to the new warehouse locations was also provided.








Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund
Montleartstraße 37
1160 Wien


• aggregation of planning data
• concept formulation
• tendering procedure of transports
• coordination of archive relocation