EJOT Holding GmbH & co. KGg is a medium-sized company in the field of connection technology having it`s headquarter in Bad berleburg. Up to half of the annual turnover is archieved with production and distribution of different screws for industrial use, especially in the automotive and electronics industry.

EJOT Polen

The aim of the project was to develop a sustainable warehouse concept for a regional distribution center in Poland.
Based on a previous project, the quantity and distribution structure as well as merchandising and capacity were actualized within the inventory and projected to a planning horizon. Different supply chains with specific processes were developed in accordance to the customers and types of products. Further the effects of establishing a RDC on the subsidiary of EJOT HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG were identified.
Based on the coordinated planning data base, the conception of different variants including dimensioning of selected warehouse and conveyor tech-nology took place. Within developing the variants both a new warehouse close to the location of production and an already existing local warehouse were considered to use for the requirements of the RDC. Additionally, the outsourcing of the whole RDC to an external logistics service provider was evaluated as another variant.
The different variants were rated regarding to investments, operating costs as well as qualitative factors like practicability, flexibility or expandability. To conclude the evaluation a recommendation for implementation of the preferred option was given.



EJOT Holding GmbH Co. KG
Im Herrengarten 1
57319 Bad Berleburg


• inventory
• establishing a planning data base
• conception of warehouse variants
• valuation
• recommendation for implementation