Feasibility study process digitalization

The transport provider Peine-Salzgitter GmbH (VPS) is a subsidiary of the Salzgitter AG und belongs to one of the most experienced service providers in the transport sector. The annual volume of transport is around 43 million tonnes, making VPS one of the most important railway companies in the Federal Republic of Germany.

VPS Digitalisierung

VPS GmbH strives for an advanced development of its service provisions and plans on focusing on the principles of “industry 4.0”. This intention implies a necessary increase of digitizing existing work processes as well as adjusting the IT structure.
A specific case is to support the shunting locomotives in accomplishing their daily work by use of mobile devises. Within this case VCE GmbH were instructed to collect and analyze the involved processes and to discover appropriate potentials for digitization and to generate realization possibilities.
Identified optimization possibilities were used for developing concepts of transformation existing processes and IT structure and for evaluating the practicality in a feasibility study. The accompanied adjustment of the IT infrastructure for the realization of “cloud computing” applications were intensified by a customized security concept, which corresponds to the IT security guidelines of VPS for facilitating the modifications. Moreover a market analysis were performed to determine suitable and supportive providers for the implementation of the proposed processes.
The options of transformation generate benefits in reducing the communication and documentation effort, increasing the communication security and accelerating the decisions by fast digital responses and real-time information.







Transport provider Peine-Salzgitter GmbH
Am Hillenholz 28
38206 Salzgitter



  • inventory and analysis
  • feasibility study
  • concept formulation
  • market analysis
  • documentation