Value Added Mobile Services

Wherever you are. Now you get mobile access to your logistics at any time.

VCE VAMOS is a mobile order management tool with various function modules such as task management, navigation, tracking and tracing, automatic delivery proof through geocodes, scales or credit card bills and digital signature. VCE VAMOS supports your employees in the sectors of transportat, warehouse, delivery, depot and quality management through individual information and response functions. The different modules of VCE VAMOS can be combined according to your individual requirements. Windows mobile devices as well as android smartphones and tablets are supported by VCE VAMOS.





Managing logistics comfortably on the go.


Value Added Mobile Services (VAMOS) was created for standard smartphones with android operating system and serves both transparency and process optimization in transportation and delivery of materials. The process support includes the entire supply chain and allows a constant tracking & tracing. Detailed information of the status of any single parcel can be made available by VCE VAMOS. This information, especially the automatic proof of delivery, can be later used for controlling and calculation. The delivery proofs (if required with digital signature) support strengthening customer reliability as well as the documentation of potential delivery difficulties. Besides scan of item and delivery, functions for GPS-supported track and trace, connection to order and calculation software as well as documentation of process and difficulties are available.


Mobile Processes

  • entire support of logistic processes on mobile devices: transportation, warehouse, depot management, quality management and delivery
  • task management and handling


Tacking und Tracing

  • online status tracking
  • GPS-based delivery proof
  • live tracking & tracing


Central administration

  • user and role management
  • central devices management trough COM Server
  • coded storage of data on mobile devices


All functions at a glance

One glance at your mobile device is sufficient to control your logistics.



At this Point only an extract of the range of services and functions can be listed. Please contact us directly for further information. You can find your contact person in the contact section.

  • user management for employees of the sectors transportation, warehouse, depot management, quality management and delivery
  • task management incl. payment and settlement system as well as connection to current software systems
  • increased transparency in supply chain by scanning of material in the flow of gods (connection with 2D Bluetooth scanner) incl. yard management
  • GPS-supported tracking of material
  • event based production of reports to the regional management
  • support of the employees in the daily delivery through delivery information independent of location (e.g. for certain addresses)
  • documentation of delivery difficulties by the employees
  • electronical proof of delivery through geo tracking as well as digital signature
  • navigation based on previously defined sequence or route optimization (GPS)
  • coded storage of data on mobile devices
  • central devices management through COM server





VCE VAMOS is an extremely compatible and flexible IT solution.



The integration into your current logistics management is seamless and includes modules of integration of scales, scanners, credit card bills and digital signatures. VCE VAMOS devices and users are managed by a central COM server, whereas the essential data is coded and stored on the device.

  • Communication with any network-compatible device
  • Easy integration of existing hardware
  • Application of currently applicable safety procedures and encodings
  • Seamless integration to specific process workflows
  • Examples for integrated functions
    • Scale
    • Printer
    • Scanner
    • Payment processing
  • Port to all current HOST systems, such as SAP, NAVISION, ProAlpha, IBM AS400 etc.
  • Certificated, proven in practice and for all current standards
  • Connection to several network compatible devices („internet der things“), e.g. printer, scales, EC terminals
  • Integrated navigation