Transportation planning

VCE GmbH assists you in the planning and control of traffic flows at your site.

As a specialist in logistics, transportation, and processes; we pay close attention to the upstream and downstream transportation infrastructure of logistics hubs.

These are a central element in the performance of the entire site. We make sure that the specifications of the logistics properties are in line with the requirements and we handle the design of the infrastructure responsible for the incoming and outgoing items.

We will configure the infrastructure to handle the current and future traffic flows and help you control and manage the flow of traffic using suitable information technology.

We will plan the layout in accordance with your specifications and ideas and also bring our own technical and legal information to the planning table. The level of detail we give you about the layout concept means that no question will go unanswered.

Our services include internal and external components that are relevant to your site such as

  • Entry control points
  • Internal infrastructure
  • Loading areas
  • Truck parking facilities
  • Ramp configurations
  • Gate and ramp control
  • Employee parking
  • Access to public transport from the site




Contact person:
Sandra Hakvoort
Fon: +49.231.97 50 60-0
E-Mail: info(at)