VCE GmbH will support in the development and optimization of your entire supply chain.

In the past, business processes such as procurement, production, warehousing, and transportation were considered in isolation and optimization approaches were developed in-house. The increase in the division of labour and the decrease in the depth of production means that it is more and more important for companies to work together.

The biggest potential today lies primarily in the optimal networking of procurement, production, warehousing, and transportation — beyond company boundaries. The collaboration between companies and parts of companies is becoming more critical for the success of each individual participant. This is why the focus has to be on the entire supply chain.


Our services are broad in scope: From everything up to the supplier on the one side and from internal company structures and processes to the end customer on the other.

On the basis of what we offer, we will optimize and standardize your business processes as well as your goods and information flows. And we will make sure to keep an eye on everything both internally and externally while doing this.

We place special value on taking an end-to-end approach to the goods and information flows along the supply chain. And of course this also includes a weak points analysis or an examination of the outsourcing potential for the logistics as well as an optimization of the shipping costs.

Another aspect is included in our portfolio: We will also examine all business processes and all goods and information flows and their associated infrastructure to determine if they adhere to the legal safety requirements.

We can also help you with the selection and implementation of an information and communication system for processes that extend beyond company borders.


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