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If you export goods into Russia, you are likely to be affected now or in the near future by the new Russian Federal Law No. 488-FZ, which provides for the application of a special code to the goods of some product groups.

It will be necessary to serialize products and goods with crypto protection. This should make it easier to detect counterfeit products. With the help of the crypto code it is possible to track the products from the manufacturer to the end customer. In order to guarantee a secure supply chain, all exporters to Russia are obliged to implement it.

The introduction of the crypto code sometimes poses a challenge to existing processes and systems for many manufacturers and mail order companies:

the code is almost twice as large as the 2D matrix codes commonly used in the EU

Therefore, a corresponding adjustment is necessary both for the previous handling processes and for the hardware systems used.

There are additional costs associated due to the fees charged by the CRPT for creating the required crypto codes.

The generation of the crypto codes requires the integration of an interface to the CRPT.


  • Direct connection to CRPT servers
  • VCE PROCRYP simplifies digital registration of crypto codes
  • Direct provision of codes for printout
  • Easy integration into existing IT architecture thanks to flexible interfaces (RESTful API/JSON)

VCE PROCRYP is a software developed by VCE Solutions especially for the requirements of Russian serialization, which is in direct connection (web service API) with the servers of the CRPT. PROCRYP simplifies the digital registration and generation of the necessary crypto codes and provides and prints the crypto codes directly for attachment. PROCRYP offers a generic interface (RESTful API/JSON) and can be easily integrated into existing IT architectures as an autonomous module without increased effort. PROCRYP is therefore a flexible solution for the trade on the Russian market, especially for medium-sized businesses.

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Does the law apply to all products?

Currently, the focus is only on special product groups for serialization, with the system extending over all imported goods in the long term. The various product groups usually have a separate timeline by which the mandatory implementation of serialization will occur.

Where can codes be requested?

The Russian authority “Centre for the Development of Advanced Technologies” (CRPT) is responsible for planning and setting the individual timelines. The CRPT is also responsible for generating the crypto codes and managing the associated data (e.g. traceability).

How does the code generation work?

In order to obtain a crypto code (two-dimensional data matrix code), the manufacturers transmit the GTIN and the serial number of the product to the CRPT and receive the appropriate crypto number and crypto key for a fee. This results in a crypto code (comparable to a QR code), which must be attached at the secondary level (sales unit) and at the tertiary level (transport container) of the respective product.

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