Provider Freight Order Management

VCE PERFORM is the dispatch software solution to cover your entire shipping process and offers two main components that enable the processing of general cargo and parcel services:

Firstly, a pure server solution. The order data is gathered from a prefixed customer system, an appropriate rate is calculated, the according label is printed and at last, the shipping information is communicated back to the customer System.

Secondly, a portal solution. Here, the shipping data can either be manually entered or be selected from a defined list. Afterwards VCE PERFORM calculates the appropriate rate, generates the label and directly prints it with a (defined) printer.

For both options, the shipping data and the order data are connected and saved, in order to enable the automatic or manual retrieval or visualization of the shipment‘s status information.





All advantages at a glance


VCE PERFORM allows the combination of the server and the portal solution, in order to support your automatic as well as your manual processes. To automatically generate shipments, a predefined VCE PERFROM interface can be used in different ways. At the same time, VCE PERFORM is able to transmit shipment data, like the current status, back to the customer system. As a user interface, the portal solution offers the possibility of manually generating shipments and also visualising an overview of the forwarded shipments and their current status.


Your advantages at glance:


  • Optimum carrier-selection
    • Automatic selection according to size, weight, term, target etc.
    • Cost saving by optimal contracting
  • Carrier-independency
    • Fast, uncomplicated change between carriers
  • Automatic accounting control at item level



  • All shipment methods: CEP, bulk, FTL
  • Omni-channel-logistics (B2B / B2C / inter-store / returns)
  • D, EU and non-EU
  • Revision-safe



  • Tracking between different carriers (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Optimal customer service by pro-active information (SCEM)


All functions at glance

Success through system


VCE PERFORM offers two principal components for the complete processing of your general cargo and parcel services. These functions are enhanced by extensive tools for controlling and accounting.

Please contact us directly for further information. You can find your contact person in the contact section.




Reliability and availability


The exceptional reliability and availability is the trade mark of VCE PERFORM.



  • Label design within 0,1 – 2s (depending on the provider)
  • Multi-threading support (parallel running processes)
  • High availability 99,99% (Fail-Over-Cluster)



  • Platform independent (Server & Client)
  • Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer 9+
  • Support of SSL/TLS encoding
  • Scalable
    • Data bank cluster
    • Server cluster
  • Various interfaces
    • SOAP web-service
    • REST web-service
    • SAP iDoc
    • Data interface (CSV)
    • Data bank access