Inbound Operation

Optimum Planning and visibility of your inbound Process

The web-based application VCE PERFORM focuses on smart organization of inbound processes. Cost-intensive express deliveries and uncoordinated deliveries are thus a thing of the past. VCE PERFORM perfectly combines shipments into transport orders and selects the best carrier respectively vehicle size and pick-up time based on your requirements. After a simple login, your suppliers can register shipments directly via the web platform. VCE PERFORM takes care of all organizational issues of the transports and creates the advance shipping notice for the recipients. Optimise efficiency and flexibility of your inbound processes and create just-in-time deliveries in fractions of a second.

All functions at glance


  • Early notification of shipment data
  • Freely definable consolidation conditions for creating transport orders
  • Carrier registration and assignment
  • Direct ETA calculation
  • Central document management
  • Customs and dangerous goods support
  • Integrated hub process for instance with our scanner app VCE VAMOS


  • Centralized T&T with standard status messages
  • Enhancement with scanner data
  • Tracking of pick-up orders
  • Planning of supply chain processes through continuous ETA updates


  • Carrier monitoring
  • Carrier rating
  • Transportation times
  • Shipment structure
  • Freight payer
  • Cost structure
  • Proactive notifications


You’d like to learn more? Your contact person for VCE PERFORM:

Sebastian Enders-Comberg
Tel.: +49.231.97 50 60-92