Optimization of Air Cargo Center Geneva Airport

Located at the heart of an area well-filled with outward-looking companies that maintain intense trade relations with the rest of the world, Genève Aéroport plays a primary role in the routing of the region’s imports and exports. Due to a steady increase in flown and trucked cargo volume, the current infrastructure is quickly reaching its designed capacity limit.

The project started with a thorough survey of the current situation of the Air Cargo Center at Geneva Airport. In addition to the analysis of quantitative data and qualitative information provided by the client, a thorough site inspection was conducted. Special emphasis was paid to the integration of the planning parameters resulting from the airport’s internal pre-defined projects like adaptation of RFS gate, reconstruction of the goods acceptance area and construction of pharmaceutical handling area.

Based on the acquired data and information as well as the impressions gathered by the site inspections, VCE has conducted an analysis regarding process-related, organizational and functional bottlenecks and weak points in the second work package. These bottlenecks were discussed with the airport to achieve a joint understanding.

In the third work package, specific measures were developed addressing to the weaknesses and bottlenecks. All measures were pre-planned in order to assess their feasibility, effectiveness as well as implementation costs and implementation time, incl. pre-requisites.

The final work package comprised the compilation of a design dossier, which should form the base for the future optimization of the Air Cargo Center


Aéroport International de Genève

Case Postale 100

1215 Geneva




  • Basic Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Optimization Measures
  • Recommendations