Order and container management

Rhenus Data Office (RDO) provides container in different sizes and designs nationwide. The containers are used for collection and temporary storage of files, business documents, medias und other electronic archiving objects. The services of RDO comprise the placement, the pick up and the replacement of containers as well as secured disposal and destruction of the container content.


As part of the project, the actions of order processing were to by digitized in order to be supported by a mobile application in the future. Additionally a complete tracking of the containers was supposed to be enabled. For this purpose a connection to the fleet portal was implemented, which illustrated on the one hand the locations of the containers and vehicles on a map and on the other hand gave an overview of the orders.
The functions of the container management included the adding of new containers, the change of the attached barcode, the locking and unlocking or the destruction of damaged containers as well as the status request of the particular container. More information, for instance the current location or the status of the order processing, was obtained in the container management.





MWA Vertriebsagentur Lemke
Luisenstrasse 10
59320 Ennigerloh


• conception and implementation of an application for Windows Mobile devices