Evaluation of operating models for parking lot management

The Trade Fair Essen with is 50 trade fairs and shows belongs to the top ten trade fair locations in Germany. International, national and regional specialist and consumer trade fairs attract 1.4 million visitors each year

The purpose of the project was to develop and select a suitable operating model for the new parking management (PBK) of trade fair Essen. This included selecting a suitable model regarding the investments for the parking management implementation as well as the qualitative requirements for the operation.

Initially three different options of the operator model were defined and elaborated. Therefore the service levels of trade fair Essen or a potential parking management operator were marked out precisely.

Within a market analysis, potential operators were identified and afterwards interviewed regarding to the validating operator models. Based on the primarily defined key figures, guidelines and framework, the selected operators were invited to submit offers.

Afterwards the economical and qualitative features of the operator models contrasted and evaluated. Regarding the economical evaluation, the framework (calculated rates, investment amount and parking fees) were defined in cooperation with Trade Fair Essen. Regarding the qualitative evaluation criteria, for instance acceptance, risk and implementation concept and time, and the target features, for instance the performance rates or the parking third-party business were considered. As anext step, an evaluation of the operator models was implemented.


Messe Essen GmbH
Messehaus Mitte, Norbertstraße Postfach 10 01 65
45001 Essen


• definition of a profile of require-ments
• development of a functional layout
• establishment of a traffic report
• establishment of a construction application