Logistics facilities

VCE GmbH helps you with the planning and specification of your logistics properties.

We will be there with you from the first project idea up to the commissioning of a new logistics building no matter what sector you come from. All challenging logistics projects have one thing in common: There are many diverse and complex steps involving numerous disciplines that need to be taken into consideration. Our skilled, interdisciplinary team makes it possible for us to meet this requirement.

A knowledge of construction alone is not enough for special properties, no matter how well founded it is. This is why we combine technical knowledge from the relevant areas and have many years of experience as a specialist in processes, transportation, and logistics.

This is what makes it possible for us to handle the requirements-based layout planning and implementation of your project for you – and make sure it is put into practice in line with your goals. We consult all relevant technical and legal information and incorporate it into the project in detail so that your property functions as optimally as possible at the end.

Our work can involve the development of a new property or the modification of an existing location. During the project phase we also gather the necessary implementation decisions and help you make sure they are made on time.

If the greenlight for the implementation has already been given, we can also represent the interests of the builder or the users to ensure that all of the required tasks are completed professionally and efficiently.


Contact person:
Sandra Hakvoort
Fon: +49.231.97 50 60-0
E-Mail: info(at)vce.de