Compact warehouse management

You can rely on VCE LAVES. The solution for managing your warehouse. Even with small inventory.

From incoming goods department through storage and restoring up to commissioning and outgoing goods department: VCE LAVES helps you identifying all common processes in your warehouse. Trough Avis from the backend system transferred and planned as well as unplanned incoming and outgoing goods are supported. Furthermore the stock management referring to the storage positions is provided in two level system. For a more efficient management, items can be combined to one storage unit, e.g. a pallet or box.



All warehouse processes reliable under control.


Through VCE LAVES you have a compact overview of all warehouse activities. The system can be used by several different users, which simplifies reconstructing seamlessly the flow of material as well as tracing bookings. Furthermore different standard reports can be generated and exported. If required, VCE LAVES also supports sending automatic notifications via email (e.g. reduced quantities). The intuitive handling trough a user interface authorizes even changing warehouse employees adopting quickly to the software as well as an immediate implementation at their workplace.



  • Quickly usable also for occasional and changing users



  • Real-time overview about stock and processes
  • Personnel discharge



  • Functions optimized for small and medium stock capacities and inventories
  • Reduction of faults in material flow



  • Easy programming of rules and specific processes



  • Issuing of KPIs



  • Platform independent
  • Various interfaces




All functions at glance

Warehouse control at glance.


The handling of the software is achieved trough an intuitive user interface either as a web app across systems or as a software especially made for MDE devices. The web app can be easily retrieved from any browser and supports computer as well as tablets and smartphones. Besides warehouse specific function, the web app enables additionally the administration and the master data management of the system role dependent. The handling and the user interface of the MDE software are optimized for the operative application and are entirely usable nearly without implementation times. At this point an extract of the range of features is listed. Please contact us directly for further information. You can find your contact person in the contact section.


  • Recording and seamless traceability
  • Guarantee of the inventory transparency
  • Issuing of KPIs
  • Reporting and generating of KPIs
  • Management of master data
  • Support of notified and unplanned incoming and outgoing goods
  • Support of annual inventory and simplified zero crossing inventory



Simple and reliable handling.


For the incoming and outcoming goods department as well as the commissioning orders of a customized ERP systems are consulted. Therefore VCE LAVES provides defined Web services, which can be customized according to customer’s demand. Furthermore specific incidents (e.g. changes in inventory) can be reported back to the customized ERP system. Therefore the trough the ERP services provided services are used.



  • Operation and user interface optimized for operative use
  • Fully usable nearly without training period
  • Apps for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS



  • Callable by any browser incl. mobile devices
  • Activity dependent administration and master data administration
  • In addition: All warehouse-specific functions