Warehouse planning

Kuraray Europe GmbH/Division Trosifol produces PVB interlayers for laminated safety glass in the architecture and automotive sector in Troisdorf. A constant expansion of production capacities as well as the admission of new products into the portfolio require an expansion of the warehouse logistic in the finished goods and packaging material sectors.


The development of a sustainable warehouse concept for Kuraray Europe GmbH at technology park Troisdorf was the aim of the project. Besides establishing new warehouse capacity for finished goods and new product lines, further spatially distributed warehouse and functional areas were supposed to be centralized into the planed new construction.
In a first step the requirements of the new construction were gathered and projected to the target year of 2020. Thus the implementation time of the building as well as a reserve for further increase were considered.
By using the results of earlier projects (especially Excel®- calculation model for inventory optimization) the expense for specifying the inventory requirements could be minized.
A special challenge formed the high diversity of warehouse units. For fullfilling the clients and market requirements, Kuraray sends its products on rolls in more than 30 different reusable and disposable packaging formats. A part of the products is kept in cold storage to ensure a ideal processing of the layers by the client.
Therefore, the target inventory was projected up to article level under consideration of growth in specific goods classes, followed by the aggregationof different warehouse units and cooling requirements.
Within the conceptional phase, a combination of block and mobile pallet storage were identified and dimensioned as an optimal space configuration. Possible alternatives of construction fields were collected and discussed in consideration with the technology park Troisdorf. Afterwards the development of the property and the warehouse building including outdoor facilities and shunting areas was defined.
During the final valuation, the investment and operating costs were estimated to DIN standards and a rent of the targeted operator model was calculated.


Kuraray Europe GmbH
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• Requirement specifications
• conception
• valuation