VCE GmbH assists you in the planning and optimization of your intralogistics systems.

One of our special areas of expertise is the link between process and technical knowhow – especially in the areas of material flow technology and logistics IT.

This is why we view the project from all relevant angles right from the beginning with the goal of creating an optimal plan.

Some of our tasks include

  • Optimization
    • Process and layout optimization
    • Bottleneck analysis and elimination
    • Technical retrofitting
    • IT modernization
    • Product range of the warehouse areas
    • Inventory optimization per item
  • Planning
    • New planning
    • Expansion planning
    • Replanning

Through our manufacturer-neutral design and assessment, which is performed based on an anonymized target price database, we can guarantee supplier neutral planning and implementation.

We work together with simulation engineers to validate the interim results and in this way we are able to develop with you a detailed design that is both comprehensive and sound.


Contact person:
Dr. Achim Fränkle
Fon: +49.231.97 50 60-0
E-Mail: info(at)