Planning of sustainable warehouse logistics and tendering of the warehouse technology

H.G.S. is a company of Cofely Group and provides as a service partner of MWM and of MAN Gas Engines quality service for gas engines and drive systems. Cofely is the No. 1 for energy and eco-efficiency throughout Europe and one of the leading technology providers in Germany.

HGS Lagerplanung

The project’s main task was the conception of a future-oriented warehouse logistic while moving the currently used warehouse to a new location in Krefeld.
Initially a systematic analysis of the current situation was implemented to gather the functional area, capacities and processes in the currently used warehouse. In addition, the inventory and transaction data were gathered, evaluated and presented in appropriate charts and key indicators to characterize the logistical service and create a solid database for the following planning. Based on this analysis and in consultation with the customer, a planning database was established, which represents the projected growth in the future.
In consideration of the available area at the new warehouse location set by the customer (existing property), appropriate warehouse areas as well as warehouse and picking technologies were defined. Moreover required functional areas were dimensioned, layouts were created and the future processes in the new warehouse were specialized. In addition, a recommendation for the selection of appropriate industrial trucks was given.
In conclusion the tender and allocation of the devised warehouse technic was implemented. Beside the preparation of the tender and the evaluation of received offers the customer was supported in allocation and testing of the warehouse technology as well as relocation and commissioning of the new warehouse location.


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• analysis of the current situation
• elaboration of planning database
• dimensioning of spare parts warehouse
• tender and allocation of warehouse technic
• commissioning planning