Commissioning Planning

VCE GmbH will help you commission new buildings and start new processes.

The use of a new location, building, or a new technology usually results in a complex change management process for an organization. Extensive preparation is needed to ensure that the initial operation is successful.

We will help you with this task and manage it for you using our extensive experience and knowledge from various construction, technology, IT, and organization projects.


In our role as the planner for the commissioning phase or the project management for the users, we will coordinate all of the necessary steps until the start of operations in the new building. Our services include everything from obtaining the official permits, supplying and installing the plant equipment, and training employees to performing the test run in interaction with employees, building, technology, and IT.

If inventory needs to be moved to a new operating site, we will carefully plan the move to ensure that everything continues on schedule at the new location and business can still function at the old location until it is closed.


Contact person:
Jens Flunkert
Phone: +49.231.97 50 60-0
Email: info(at)