Spare parts warehouse planning

Krone commercial vehicle group including the company Brüggen operates in the sector of vehicle construction. As part of the merger between Krone and Brüggen, the spare parts business is going to be centralized in one location.

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Aim of the project was the planning and dimensioning of a common and viable spare parts warehouse for the Krone commercial vehicle group in Herzlake.

As part of a full inventory and analysis for preparation of a planning data basis of the three companies, the current structures and processes at the locations were collected, evaluated and illustrated through index numbers and graphics. Considering the future performance requirements for the central spare parts warehouse, a planning data basis were prepared based on the inventory.

Based on this inventory and the planning data for the target concept, the definition of the target processes and the functional program, different planning variants of the future spare parts warehouse were implemented. Within the conception, different conveyor, warehouse and picking technology were presented and discussed. In cooperation with an engineering office, taking charge of obtaining relevant authorizations and constructional aspects, documents for the submission of the building application were collected.

The following valuation of the variants regarding, to monetary and quantitative criteria of logistic and construction facilitated the comparison of variants and helped the decision making process.

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• Inventory and data analysis
• Preparation of planning data basis
• Conception of different variants
• Valuation of the variants