Short study commissioning

The company is specialized among other thinks in haulage, warehouse and transport operations at 50 domestic and international locations. At the beginning of 2015, the company took over the warehouse management of a plant manufacturer in the Regensburg area. The warehouse includes a high-bay storage, a cargo elevator as well as automatic small parts storage.


The aim of the project was to evaluate the error rate of manual commissioning at the location Neutraubling and to develop optimization approaches for improvements.
After the takeover of warehouse and commissioning operations of another company for plant engineering, the error rate in commissioning increased according to the statements of the plant manufacturer. As a consequence, a situation analysis of the processes was established by VCE in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics. This analysis was subseqently evalued against the current commissioning operations. In order to make a statement regarding the processes, the impact of the processes responsible for the error rate was calculated. In addition, literature research and scientific researches regarding error rates in commissioning operations as well as best practice examples was conducted as an additional knowledge base.
As a next step, optimization approaches were developed both in the IT sector and in human resources and presented during a mediation dialog between the plant operator and the company.





• situation analysis
• error reports
• best practice research
• development of optimization approach
• mediation dialog