Airport logistics

VCE GmbH helps you design and optimize your logistics systems and processes – at airports and in their surroundings.

The planning and development of projects at high-performance transport hubs, like airports, require a lot of detailed knowledge about processes, traffic, and logistics at these hubs.

In the area of airport logistics, we develop solutions for sustainable cargo handling at airports. We are here for you as your partner in the development of buildings and the implementation of new processes and IT solutions.




By using the current processes and volumes as the starting point, we determine the future to-be processes and quantities. From these, we define and plan functional areas and summarize and prioritize them for layout planning.

In addition to the structural layout, we also design the material handling and storage technology including all special equipment and we do this under consideration of the relevant safety requirements. Of course we also identify and examine any of the issues surrounding the accessibility of this infrastructure for both internal and external transports and develop suitable solutions for them.


Contact person:
Dr. Achim Fränkle
Fon: +49.231.97 50 60-0
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